If you have an Electrical Problem, You Need an Electrical Solution


Louisville Residential Standby Generators Sales & Installation

Be prepared for a crisis with a permanently installed electric generator.

If you've lived in the Louisville Area very long, then you've experienced power outages. To most healthy adults this is an inconvenient nuisance. To the elderly or parents with small children it can be very dangerous. A solution is to have a standby generator professionally installed by a professional M&S electrician.

We specialize in natural gas, propane & diesel powered electrical generators. Available in a wide variety of sizes and specs, a standby generator is sure to come in handy. Depending on the size and output, a generator can power:
  • Heating or Air Conditioning Units
  • Life-Sustaining Medical Equipment
  • Refrigerator
  • Security System
  • Microwave and Electric Oven
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Cell Phone / Home Phone
  • Television & Gaming Consoles
  • Any Electrical Appliance
We provide a complimentary generator consultation to determine the best generator for your needs. We can then professionally install the generator you decide is right for you to insure that you and your family are prepared for the next power outage. Call today to schedule yours.

So Sayeth The Client!

My breaker to my hot tub kept tripping. I called Hobert with M&S Electrical. He arrived the same day and took care of the problem. I was actually surprised how quickly and efficiently he repaired the issue.

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